Why broken user experiences decimate your ROI

Why broken user experiences decimate your ROI

Why broken user experiences decimate your ROI



Return on Investment (ROI) is something that every business is concerned about maximising, and for good reason - a higher ROI means that you are investing efficiently, and moving your business forwards. While it is commonly expressed as a percentage, in the case of UX (User Experience) there are many intangible gains which can't be expressed in pounds, but which are nevertheless hugely important.

When it comes to attracting and converting top clients, candidate retention can't always be expressed in hard currency, but it is the top priority for recruiters. In this article we'll be covering how broken user experiences can decimate your ROI, and why it's so vital to get user experience right.

Recruitment ROI is measured in terms of your ability to convert top candidates, and so anything that impedes this will have a negative effect on your return on investment. Moreover, any candidate that your business doesn't convert is one that your competitors may well hire, and so it is important to take the competitive advantage that having a poor user experience will give your rivals into account.

Applicant conversion is how often your business can turn top candidates into future employees. It's affected by a variety of factors - some out of your control and some within it - but the direct experience of applying is something that needs to be as smooth as possible to maximise your conversion rate. Having a high quality user experience will mean less friction in the application process, and fewer top candidates lost to frustration or apathy.

Having a website which is poorly designed, confusing, or even just isn't aesthetically pleasing can have the effect of putting people off. According to a Stanford University study, 75% of browsers make judgements about an organisation's credibility based on the company's website - so candidates will judge your business as a whole depending on the user experience of using your website, including the application process. Before your candidates even start the application process, having a poor user experience will make them think less of your business.

Investments in UX are therefore vitally important. They will give you the ability to attract top candidates and to retain them through the application journey through to the end. A recent study found that 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or the layout are unattractive, so the impact that a poor user experience will have on ROI can't be overstated. A poor user experience will also make it less likely that those familiar with your company's application process will recommend it to others, reducing potential word of mouth.

inploi can help your business maximise your recruitment ROI. Whether it's through our conversational 'chat bot' apply, a redirect into your ATS, or hosted application forms, we work to ensure that the future of your workforce can apply for jobs easily, whether on desktop, tablet or mobile. If you're interested in providing your applicants with a top tier user experience and maximising your ROI, get in touch with us.