We're ditching careers pages, and saying hello to the bespoke careers hubs of the future

We're ditching careers pages, and saying hello to the bespoke careers hubs of the future

We're ditching careers pages, and saying hello to the bespoke careers hubs of the future



At any business, the higher ups will know that maintaining a good reputation is paramount. This is done by making sure that at any stage at which customers or potential workers interact with the company - its website, its employees, its social media presence - they have a good experience. But far too many businesses still maintain old, slow careers pages! In a post Great Resignation world, in which workers have a level of power they haven't had in previous years, candidate experience has never been more important.

What is the cost of poor candidate experience? Having an ancient careers page could put across the image that your company doesn't move with the times, put workers off applying because of how slow it is, or simply leave a bad taste in candidates' mouths.

And that bad taste matters - a bad reputation can increase the cost of hiring by at least 10%. In this article, we'll be going over some common problems with careers pages, and the impact they can have. But never fear - if you're looking for ways to improve your candidate experience, then inploi can help you to say hello to the slick, customisable careers hubs of tomorrow.

Overlong Application Process

All businesses want to be thorough with their hiring process - hiring the wrong person can be expensive, in fact 27% of companies in the UK say that a bad hire hosts more than £50,000. That being said, it's also important to balance this need for thoroughness with the need to keep a positive candidate experience.

inploi's job seeker survey for 2021 found that, of our respondents, 50% considered an easy application process crucial, with 47% valuing the ability to apply by mobile phone. A good idea to check if your process is too long is to go through it yourself from the viewpoint of a candidate. If there are areas where you find yourself getting bored or frustrated, then it'll likely be the same for your applicants as well.

Candidates don't get a strong impression of your company

An underrated way that your careers page could be letting your business down is by being just plain dull! Part of what makes a strong candidate experience is maintaining a strong brand. If candidates look at a job listing and don't understand what life is like at your company on a day to day basis, they might not get excited about the position, and not apply out of apprehensiveness.

To improve your candidate experience, you want to make sure that your careers hub is customised enough to get across some of the spirit of your company, and that the job listings let candidates know some of what they will be in for.

Candidates are left in the dark

One of the most frustrating experiences as a job seeker is going to all the effort to apply for a given position, and then not hearing any updates about your application for months at a time. It can even turn a positive experience up until that point into a negative candidate experience.

The strongest careers hubs will allow businesses to keep track of their applicants easily, and will allow applicants to check the status of their application quickly and easily. At inploi, our platform uses chatbots to make sure that applicants can track their progress in a way that's conversational and natural.

inploi technology is also mobile first optimised, to make sure that people can apply to your company from any device and still have an amazing experience. It features lightning fast loading, blowing away the slow career pages of the past, and a perfect structure to make sure that your page shows up on search engines.

All of this works to give your business a frictionless application experience that converts candidates, and ensures that the best talent is whisked through your candidate experience. To learn more about inploi be sure to get in touch.