The Power of Candidate Experience in High-Volume Recruitment

The Power of Candidate Experience in High-Volume Recruitment

The Power of Candidate Experience in High-Volume Recruitment



The key to providing unforgettable experiences and maintaining a competitive edge is to hire staff efficiently and effectively. These industries can effectively hire at scale by implementing the right technology, leveraging data to streamline the recruitment process, and creating an exceptional candidate experience.

However, high-volume hiring presents its own set of unique challenges. There are numerous pitfalls for employers to avoid, ranging from the massive budget often required to effectively hire at high volume to ensuring that candidate quality does not deteriorate. To overcome these challenges, careful planning, efficient processes, and ongoing optimisation of the candidate journey are essential.

What is the Significance of Candidate Experience When Hiring at Scale?

Candidate experience is critical in improving the efficiency of the recruitment process by focusing on two key aspects: converting more of the existing traffic and improving candidate engagement with a brand to increase retention. These are fundamental factors in hiring at scale. However, candidate experience is frequently sacrificed in high-volume hiring.

The importance of a great candidate journey cannot be overstated, as 82% of job seekers indicated that the overall candidate experience is a major factor in their decision to accept a job offer. A good candidate experience can help organisations convert a higher percentage of the traffic they already have. This includes addressing issues that frequently result in application drop-offs, such as lengthy and complex application processes or clunky application forms.

Candidates are more likely to complete an application if the process is streamlined and simplified, reducing the number of potential candidates lost along the way. This not only improves the efficiency of the recruitment process but also ensures that organisations have a larger pool of qualified candidates to choose from, increasing the chances of finding the right fit for the position.

Candidate engagement is critical for increasing retention and recruitment efficiency. Even if a candidate is not hired, a positive candidate experience can have a significant impact on their perception of the brand. Engaging candidates effectively throughout the recruitment process helps to build a positive brand image and fosters a sense of connection with the organisation, regardless of the outcome. According to the Talent Board Candidate Experience Report, 81% of candidates will share a positive experience with their peers, even if they are not hired.

This engagement can be achieved through regular communication, timely application status updates, and providing feedback whenever possible. Organisations that cultivate candidate engagement increase the likelihood of those candidates reapplying in the future or recommending the company to others, thereby expanding the talent pool for future hiring needs and reducing recruitment efforts.

Furthermore, increased candidate engagement improves brand retention, ensuring that hired candidates remain committed to the organisation. Candidates who have had a positive experience throughout the recruitment process are more likely to feel loyal to the company's values and culture. This improves overall employee retention by increasing their engagement and commitment to the organisation. Reduced turnover saves time and resources that would otherwise be spent on repetitive hiring processes, increasing the efficiency of recruitment efforts even further.

What Does A Strong Candidate Experience Look Like?

In the context of high-volume hiring, a strong candidate experience entails several key elements, ranging from a mobile-first careers hub and application process and reducing the number of touch points to implementing a conversational apply flow, diversifying talent attraction channels, and job title normalisation. In fact, studies show that when a job application takes five minutes or less to complete, conversion rates increase by 365%.

A mobile-first careers hub and application process prioritise accessibility and usability. Organisations can reach a larger and more diverse audience of potential candidates by providing a seamless mobile experience. Because many job seekers use smartphones for job searching and application submission, optimising the mobile experience ensures that candidates can navigate and complete the application process regardless of the device they use.

Streamlining the hiring process for high-volume hiring requires reducing the number of touch points. Organisations respect candidates' time and ensure a more efficient and expedited recruitment process by eliminating unnecessary steps or interactions. Simplifying and standardising job titles helps to create a positive candidate experience. Clear and simple job titles assist candidates in quickly grasping the nature of the role and determining if it aligns with their skills and interests.

Using a conversational application flow, such as chatbots or interactive interfaces, increases engagement and inclusivity. Candidates can engage in a more interactive and personalised conversation, providing information and responding to questions. This method not only simplifies the application process but also accommodates candidates who do not have access to a computer but do have a smartphone, resulting in a more diverse pool of applicants.

Diversifying the talent attraction channel mix is also an important part of providing a positive candidate experience in high-volume hiring. Instead of relying solely on traditional methods, organisations can use alternative channels to reach a larger and more diverse audience. Using social media platforms, attending community events, collaborating with various organisations, and investing in targeted online advertisements are all examples of how to do so. By broadening their talent attraction channels, organisations increase their chances of attracting candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

In high-volume hiring, the importance of a strong candidate experience lies in engaging and motivating candidates throughout the recruitment process. A positive experience increases completion rates, candidate interest, and commitment to pursuing opportunities with the organisation. Furthermore, a positive candidate experience helps to reduce recruitment costs. There is less need for additional recruitment efforts and associated costs when more candidates are engaged and complete the application process.

The Right Tech for The Hiring Challenge

Employers may find the prospect of managing all of these aspects a little intimidating, and it's important to understand why. They face the challenge of juggling multiple tasks while also ensuring a smooth recruitment process. And while an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) can effectively handle the back end of the hiring funnel by tracking applications and progress, it's important to recognise that an ATS has limitations.

The good news is that creating a great candidate experience and successfully filling roles does not have to be a difficult endeavour. Employers can streamline their hiring processes and alleviate the associated challenges with the right solution. It's about putting the right technology in place to power the front end of the hiring funnel, from careers hubs and social media platforms to attract candidates to frictionless applications and creating an accessible user experience to convert them to hires. This comprehensive technological approach can ensure a seamless and engaging candidate experience.

Data should always underpin all of these technological solutions. Employers gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their high-volume recruitment strategies by collecting and analysing recruitment data. They can identify what works well and what needs to be improved, allowing for data-driven decision-making. Employers can use this data-driven approach to continuously optimise their recruitment processes, refine their strategies, and achieve better results when hiring at scale.

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