Taking hiring to the clouds: why SaaS is the future of recruitment

Taking hiring to the clouds: why SaaS is the future of recruitment

Taking hiring to the clouds: why SaaS is the future of recruitment



Companies are constantly looking for the most efficient and effective way to attract the right candidates in today's competitive job market. Using a Software as a Service (SaaS) company rather than a recruitment marketing agency is one option that is gaining traction. Partnering with a company like inploi provides end-to-end journey tracking so you can understand what works and why. With complete visibility of cost per application and cost per hire, you can make strategic forecasting and budget data driven-decisions on where to spend your budget. Getting the return on investment you deserve. SaaS is more than just a delivery model; it's a business model that allows employers to innovate speedily, minimise expenses, and focus on their core competencies.

The Difference Between SaaS and Agencies

In recent years, the average number of SaaS applications used by organisations has rapidly increased. A recent survey found that SaaS was voted the most important technology in helping achieve business goals. But what is it that makes SaaS so popular? What does it offer that agencies cannot?

One significant distinction between recruitment marketing agencies and SaaS hiring platforms is their focus. The primary goal of agencies is to increase traffic. They post job openings on job boards and distribute them through various channels to attract applicants. While this is beneficial, it does not guarantee a return on investment (ROI) when it comes to hiring the right candidates. On the surface, having a lot of traffic may appear to be a good thing, but if those clicks don't result in qualified applications and hires, it's all for nought. Employers, on the other hand, can use SaaS hiring platforms like inploi to expand their distribution channels and track the effectiveness of their recruitment campaigns, ensuring that they are investing in the right channels, to get great applications at the best price.

inploi's solutions are more data-driven, aiming to deliver a positive ROI by converting the traffic they generate into qualified applicants. They give employers the insights they require to ensure they are investing in the right channels to attract the best candidates. When creating a recruitment marketing campaign, they use data to determine whether the campaign is effective. For employers that need to find the right candidates quickly and meet them where they are, this is the only solution, as it ensures that jobs are distributed through the right channels, at the right time, and with the right messaging. Furthermore, it provides complete visibility of costs throughout the funnel, so HR departments get the most from their budgets. According to a LinkedIn study, companies that use data-driven recruitment methods are 20% more likely to achieve a positive ROI on their recruitment efforts than those that do not.

inploi helps employers reach and convert potential candidates. By using data-driven strategies, they help businesses attract the right candidates for their company, improving the overall quality of the hiring process. Furthermore, inploi integrates into existing technology like applicant tracking systems (ATS). This means that companies can streamline their recruitment marketing efforts and save time and resources by using one platform, providing one source of truth that can easily integrate with existing HR technology.

The Benefits of an Integrated SaaS Solution

SaaS in recruitment is especially beneficial for businesses that need to scale their recruitment efforts quickly and efficiently, as it allows them to leverage powerful technology without having to invest heavily in infrastructure or IT resources. In the recruitment world, this can provide huge benefits.

Partnering with inploi, gives you access to new audiences, candidates, intent-driven traffic and passive candidates who aren't actively looking for work. With analytics that provide full visibility over your hiring funnel, you can make data driven decisions on what levers you need to pull to scale hiring, how much it will cost and how many people you can expect to hire. If employers need to expand their attraction quickly, they can also access new channels, such as social media, that allow them to reach out beyond traditional job boards.

Another significant advantage of adopting inploi's solutions is that they assist employers in optimising the candidate journey and developing strong employer brands. They also provide customisable chatbots and candidate flows, making the application process as easy and enjoyable for candidates as possible. According to an Aberdeen Group study, companies that invest in a positive candidate experience improve their hiring quality by 70%.

inploi also offers cost control and reduction advantages. Employers pay for performance rather than per post, lowering costs and increasing ROI. With data scientists working on your bid management, you spend less on the recruitment budget and achieve better results. They also provide automated programmatic advertising, which optimises processes and ensures that employers invest in the channels that produce the best results while minimising recruitment expenses. According to SHRM, companies that use data-driven recruitment methods and technologies, such as SaaS platforms, can save an average of 17% on their cost per hire.

When it comes to driving innovation, inploi has the agility to test new channels, such as TikTok or specialised job boards. This broadens the scope of an employer's roles, increasing diversity of the audience you reach. Furthermore, the technology normalises job titles, increases organic and paid advertising, as well as providing a chatbot UI (User Interface) that removes friction, allowing candidates to apply in a format they are used to — providing a positive candidate experience and that increases conversions.

Another advantage of partnering with inploi is their ability to integrate and enhance existing technology. They integrate seamlessly with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), pushing jobs out and driving candidates in without requiring major changes to employers' existing technology. Assisting employers in automating manual and inefficient processes, saving time and increasing efficiency. Allowing HR departments to focus on other critical processes.

Finally, SaaS companies offer unparalleled analytics and reporting capabilities. Employers can track their cost per hire and cost per application, providing a holistic view of the entire recruitment process, by viewing historic and live data. This empowers employers to make data-driven decisions based on attracting, conversions, and placements, as well as allowing them to forecast future hiring needs.

Why SaaS is the Key to an Efficient Hiring Processes

The recruitment industry has been transformed by SaaS recruitment platforms, by giving businesses more control, greater transparency, and unprecedented flexibility in their hiring processes. inploi as an example, are data-driven with a focus on delivering a positive ROI by converting traffic into qualified applicants.

SaaS in recruitment is especially beneficial for businesses that need to scale their recruitment efforts quickly and efficiently, as it allows them to leverage powerful technology without having to invest heavily in infrastructure or IT resources. SaaS saves employers money by providing cost control and reduction benefits. Partnering with inploi over or alongside a recruitment marketing agency ultimately, employers can gain access to new audiences and candidates, develop employer brands, and optimise the candidate journey by leveraging the benefits of an integrated solution. Get in touch today to learn more.