Showcasing the Best of Your EVP with Custom Career Sites

Showcasing the Best of Your EVP with Custom Career Sites

Showcasing the Best of Your EVP with Custom Career Sites



An effective EVP can boost new hire commitment by 29%. Additionally, an EVP increases employees' likelihood of serving as sponsors for their businesses from 24% to 47%.

Organisations must overcome several challenges to establish a strong Employer Value Proposition (EVP). Maintaining consistency and authenticity in employer branding efforts to create a positive image is a significant pain point. Attracting top talent is a further obstacle in a highly competitive job market that necessitates standing out from competitors.

Additionally, aligning the EVP with the employer's culture poses a complex task, especially for larger companies with diverse teams and locations. Fostering employee advocacy and engagement is vital for a positive employer brand, but it can be challenging to achieve, particularly during periods of change or in competitive industries.

Measuring the success of employer branding initiatives is crucial yet challenging due to the need for direct metrics. Finally, adapting to evolving job seekers' expectations and preferences is essential to ensure the EVP remains appealing and relevant.

Overcoming these challenges necessitates research, alignment, engagement, evaluation, and continuous refinement of employer branding strategies. This is how inploi assists employers in maximising the daily impact of their EVP:

What is EVP?

The Employer Value Proposition concept first appeared in the early 2000s, and its momentum has been building ever since. The EVP, which explains the rationale behind employer branding strategy and communicates the essence of a company, is now a requirement for employee attraction and retention.

EVP is a small acronym with a significant impact because it encapsulates everything notable about a company. EVP combines tangible benefits with intangible advantages into one tidy, alluring package.

Creating a Great EVP with inploi

The impact of an effective EVP cannot be overstated. Organisations that execute their EVP effectively reduce annual employee turnover by nearly 70%. Conversely, 65% of candidates report they dropped off from a hiring process due to an unattractive EVP.

Custom career sites offer organisations a powerful platform to showcase their unique EVP. By tailoring the site's design and content to align with the employer brand, companies can effectively communicate their values, culture, and opportunities to potential candidates, ultimately attracting top talent.

inploi's technology gives employers a bespoke careers hub with employer branding space, powerful job search, and customisable conversational UI/chatbot application flows optimised for all devices. These career sites are designed to reflect the organisation's branding and provide a personalised experience for job seekers.

Furthermore, employing the latest design trends and insights in developing career sites enhances the presentation of the company's EVP. A visually appealing and user-friendly interface can captivate candidates and effectively communicate the unique aspects of the employer brand.

Moreover, inploi seamlessly integrates with current systems, keeping job content up-to-date and delivering candidate applications directly into an existing applicant tracking system (ATS), increasing conversion rates, increasing return on advertising spend, and quickly filling more vacancies.

Additionally, inploi uses different flows for different target markets and job roles. Recognising that each target market and job role has unique requirements, organisations can tailor the candidate journey accordingly. Providing distinct flows for different segments, inploi enables a more personalised candidate experience, increasing the likelihood of attracting top talent.

Finally, as everything inploi does, the solution is supported by data and analytics. Hosting and tracking engagement with such rich media used throughout the custom career sites allows organisations to measure the impact and success of their employer branding efforts. This will enable organisations to improve their candidate journey continuously.

A Conversion-Optimised Career Hub

Discover how inploi's candidate experience platform can elevate your employer branding and attract top talent with a custom career site. Get started today, and book a demo to learn how to transform your EVP into a competitive advantage!