Revolutionising Hiring with AI - Craft: Recruitment Content Scale

Revolutionising Hiring with AI - Craft: Recruitment Content Scale

Revolutionising Hiring with AI - Craft: Recruitment Content Scale

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On August 3, 2023, our product team participated in a hackathon event called "Building a Better Hiring Future for Everyone, Using AI." Our goal was to see how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can improve the hiring process for employers and job seekers. In this blog post, we'll share what happened at the event, our winning idea, and how we worked together to create an innovative solution.

The Hackathon Brief

The hackathon focused on using AI to make hiring easier for people. We believe that AI can help people by taking care of some of the more routine parts of the hiring process. The goal was to create new AI-based products that would make hiring faster and smarter. Participants were asked to come up with creative solutions to make this happen. By using AI to save time, recruiters could spend more time getting to know potential employees. This event was a great opportunity for people to show how innovative and creative they are while helping to make hiring more efficient.

The Winning Solution: Craft - Recruitment Content Scale

This platform uses AI technology to help hiring managers create customised job postings for different platforms. With Craft, hiring managers can create job postings that are specifically targeted to the right candidates, saving time and improving the quality of the posting. The platform is user-friendly and allows hiring managers to collaborate with team members. With Craft, hiring managers can streamline their recruitment process and improve their employer brand by delivering a consistent message across all channels.

How Craft Works

1. Input: Hiring managers input the job URL, select the target audience, and choose the platform.

2. AI-Generated Content: Craft uses AI to create many different examples of content that match the chosen parameters.

3. Review and Distribution: Hiring managers review the generated content and can download it for distribution across various platforms.

Integration and Benefits

Craft seamlessly integrates into the existing inploi platform and offers two strategic options:

1. Growth Hook - Free Tool for Prospects: Craft stands as a standalone tool that attracts hiring managers seeking new audience engagement opportunities, thereby providing leads for upselling.

2. Freemium Add-On in Client Dashboard: As part of the monthly subscription, Craft enhances engagement within the dashboard, making it an integral part of the hiring process.

Ethical Considerations

Craft's development process meticulously considered ethical implications:

1. Data Privacy: Craft uses job postings that are hosted publicly, which means that personal information is not required.

2. Human Jobs: Craft empowers teams, eliminating the risk of job replacement by facilitating content creation.

3. Bias in AI-Generated Content: Craft offers multiple iterations for review, ensuring fairness and minimal bias in the generated content.

Next Steps

The winning team behind Craft envisions two potential avenues for its integration:

1. Prompt Optimisation: Continuous testing and query refinement to enhance AI-generated responses.

2. Front-End Enhancements: Support for various content output types and incorporation of inploi branding.

3. Ethical Refinement: Rigorous testing to ensure fairness, unbiased responses, and truthful content.

4. Image Generation Functionality: Incorporating AI-generated taglines embedded into images.

5. Technical Performance: Code optimisation for efficient handling of multiple requests at scale and cost-efficiency.


The hackathon showed how working together and using AI can help improve hiring in the future. Craft wants to be ethical and keep improving, so that hiring managers can focus on the people they want to hire.

The hackathon was a great experience that brought us closer together as a team. We saw how talented and cooperative we all are, even when we're not working on our usual tasks. The hackathon inspired us to be more creative and innovative. It was especially nice because we worked well together even though some of us were in London and some were working remotely. We used technology to help us work together. The hackathon led to the creation of **Craft: Recruitment Content Scale.** It also helped us to connect with each other and appreciate each other's strengths and skills.