Over-50s in the UK Job Market: Addressing Recruitment Challenges and Opportunities

Over-50s in the UK Job Market: Addressing Recruitment Challenges and Opportunities

Over-50s in the UK Job Market: Addressing Recruitment Challenges and Opportunities



In the face of the UK's recruitment crisis, multiple sectors are now exploring over-50s hiring as a feasible solution. Hospitality, retail, health and social work, information technology, and education have all recognised the potential of tapping into the expertise and experience of the older workforce to bridge the talent gap.

For instance, Fuller, Smith & Turner, a renowned UK-based brewery and pub has embraced age diversity by implementing targeted recruitment strategies to attract and retain older workers. According to Dawn Browne, Fuller's people and talent director, older workers bring exceptional customer service skills.

Along with the private sector, the UK government is promoting efforts to help over-50s citizens rejoin the jobs market.

While this growing trend of over-50s hiring is a practical solution for the UK recruitment crisis, it comes with challenges. We will look into those and discuss how inploi can help you in your over-50s hiring journey.

The Growing Significance of Over-50s Hiring in the UK

The UK is experiencing a significant demographic shift. Research from Age UK indicates that England's elderly population is projected to increase by 30.5% from 2023 to 2043.

It is important to note that not all older citizens are financially prepared for retirement, with the same research showing that around 18% of pensioners live in relative poverty. One of the primary reasons for this is that despite possessing valuable skills and experience, many seniors in the UK continue to face unemployment. This situation coincides with the UK's ongoing recruitment crisis, making it increasingly necessary to broaden the workplace for older people.

Why Over-50s Hiring Makes Sense

With years of professional experience, older workers have mastered their craft. This enhances their problem-solving abilities, allowing them to approach challenges differently. Additionally, their vast networks and long-standing relationships in the industry can open doors to new opportunities and boost business growth.

The benefits of over-50s hiring can be seen in many prominent examples:

Through active engagement in over 50s hiring, Boots has gained access to a broader range of ideas and perspectives. This has enabled the company to understand better and respond to their customers and team members' unique challenges and needs.

White-collar companies, too, are increasingly looking at hiring mature talent to foster age-inclusive careers. Atos, a prominent IT services firm, has benefitted from over 50s hiring through the transfer of essential life skills to younger employees, creating a win-win situation where experienced workers feel valued and leave a legacy of expertise.

B&Q, a DIY retailer, significantly benefited from hiring older talent as they observed increased profits and a lower staff turnover rate. The company also experienced a notable improvement in customer service perception and witnessed an overall boost in its skill base.

Challenges in Over-50s Hiring

Hiring over-50s talent has its set of challenges. Often, there are assumptions about their ability to adapt to new technologies or their willingness to work in a fast-paced environment. Certain industries, like technology startups, may be perceived as unsuitable for the older generation due to misconceptions about their adaptability and energy levels. Similarly, roles that demand physical endurance or are physically demanding might be considered less appropriate for older workers.

There is a need to implement tailored hiring strategies, such as leveraging technology to reach candidates where they are, making the hiring process smoother and more accessible. Online job postings, virtual interviews, and user-friendly application platforms help bridge the digital divide and ensure that older candidates can participate in the workforce, leading to a more diverse and inclusive talent pool.

inploi: Enabling Businesses in Their Recruitment Journey for Over-50s Talent

inploi, a prominent talent acquisition partner, helps businesses reach a diverse pool of candidates across demographics, providing valuable support throughout the journey of hiring mature talent.

We help you reach mature talent by tapping into a larger pool of workers with our user-friendly and accessible platform. Recognising that older candidates may not necessarily be the most tech-savvy, we streamline the application process to minimise clicks and provide an interactive and engaging experience. Candidates can apply from their phones, too.

Ready to level up your hiring game? Get in touch with us to learn how we can help you create an age-inclusive hiring experience.