inploi has partnered with Willo to offer the latest in video interviewing

inploi has partnered with Willo to offer the latest in video interviewing

inploi has partnered with Willo to offer the latest in video interviewing



inploi is delighted to announce that we have partnered with Willo to offer our clients the very best in video interviewing software. If you haven't yet dipped your toe into the waters of remote interviewing, or you're looking for a better solution, Willo is the fuss-free way to hire more talent in less time.

Why conduct interviews by video?

The popularity of remote interviewing surged during the pandemic, when restrictions temporarily brought traditional face-to-face interviews to a halt. Since then, the trend in video interviewing has continued to grow, thanks to the speed, efficiency and flexibility of this hiring solution. In fact, 79% of employers are now conducting video interviews as of 2021, compared to just 22% before the pandemic.

Benefits for your business

So, what are the benefits of conducting interviews over video?

Video interviews are time-efficient, reducing time-to-hire by saving recruiters the labour-intensive work of sifting through CVs. With Willo, candidates can do their video interview in their own time, saving HR managers the headache of scheduling and coordinating appointments. By cutting out unnecessary admin and boosting efficiency, HR teams can focus their energies where they add the most value.

Video interviewing also brings you the best candidates. By conducting interviews remotely, you can engage top talent, wherever they are in the world - so you can draw on the global talent pool to assemble your team.

How does video interviewing boost the candidate experience?

Here at inploi, we believe that transforming the candidate experience is the key to successful talent attraction. Our technology optimises every stage of the candidate journey from end to end, including the interview stage - that's where Willo comes in.

Candidates have the freedom to complete their interview in their own time, wherever they are. The software works on all major devices and browsers, meaning that today's digital-native job seekers will feel in their element. It's all part of giving candidates the chance to shine.

With Willo, candidates are fully in control of their interview experience. As opposed to the traditional CV, candidates in interviews can be their authentic selves, instead of 'self-editing'. With no apps to download or registration to go through, interviewing with Willo is a frictionless process.

What's more, Willo's interview process is fully accessible, structured and consistent, meaning that all candidates - regardless of their background - can put their best foot forward.

Why Willo?

There's plenty of video interviewing software about. Here at inploi, we believe Willo provides the industry-leading experience for both employers and candidates. So what makes Willo different?

Willo is straightforward to set up and use, meaning you can get down to business with minimum hassle and set-up cost. With lightning-fast servers located in 90 cities across 47 countries, Willo can keep up with your business, no problem. Willo integrates seamlessly with your existing workflow, CRM ('Candidate Relationship Management') or ATS ('Applicant Tracking System'), and can connect to more than 4,000 applications. So whatever your HR infrastructure, Willo can slot right in.

Willo's software uses enterprise-grade security and is fully GDPR compliant, meaning that your data, and your candidates' data, is in safe hands.

Willo offers a premium service, with their award-winning support team available 24/7 to answer your questions.

If you want to adopt a hybrid approach to hiring, you can also accept file uploads up to 25MB through Willo, so you can review CV, resumes and portfolios to learn more about candidates.

Willo appreciates the importance of employer branding: that's why the entire experience can be customised with your brand's colours and logo, to ensure your messaging is on-brand throughout.

There's total flexibility in the questions that you ask in the interview, and Willo's intelligent question generator can even suggest industry-leading questions that are scientifically proven to get better answers.

Once candidates have completed their interview, you can easily share shortlisted candidates' video responses with colleagues and clients, so that the whole team can contribute to finding the right fit.

Did you know?

Interviewing remotely with Willo can also boost your green credentials. That's because video interviews are significantly more environmentally-friendly - think of all the emissions generated by candidates and recruiters commuting into the office from an in-person interview. Willo's virtual interviews offset 1,800 metric tons of CO2 from January to August 2022 alone. With Willo, you can streamline your hiring process and save the planet at the same time.

How does it work?

Willo's easy-to-use software reduces the interview process into four simple steps.

1. Write your interview questions;

2. Send a link to candidates, inviting them to the interview landing page;

3. Candidates are free to complete the video interview in their own time, within the timeframe you set them;

4. Once candidates have submitted their responses, you can easily review, shortlist and share candidates' video interviews.

inploi x Willo

Here at inploi, our goal is to rebuild the infrastructure of talent attraction. We believe that this can be achieved through our candidate-facing, data-driven technology.

That's why we're delighted to be able to link up our clients with Willo through our referral partnership. Willo understands the importance of the candidate experience, and their specialist software can overhaul one crucial stage of your talent attraction: the interview.

If you're ready to join the 5,000 high-growth, high-volume hiring businesses that have already transformed their process with Willo, find out more at their website.

To find out more about how inploi's technology can transform your talent attraction, get in touch with us today.