How Conversational AI Can Revolutionise Your Talent Acquisition Process

How Conversational AI Can Revolutionise Your Talent Acquisition Process

How Conversational AI Can Revolutionise Your Talent Acquisition Process



Conversational AI is one of the most exciting and rapidly-developing areas of artificial intelligence used in recruitment. It harnesses artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide a tool with the power to transform businesses' talent attraction processes.

Companies are increasingly eager to get in on the action. According to a recent study by Aptitude Research, 38% of companies are using or are planning to use conversational AI solutions in 2020, compared to just 7% in 2019. The benefits were striking, with use of conversational AI making companies 3 times more likely to improve the candidate experience, and twice as likely to fill positions within 2 weeks. This highlights two of the key areas where conversational AI can really boost companies' talent acquisition: efficiency and candidate communication.

In this article, we'll take you through how conversational AI differs from the humble chatbot, what the key benefits are for businesses, and how you can integrate this technology into your recruitment process.

Chatbots vs Conversational AI

Many of us will have come across chatbots, particularly when shopping online, for instance. In its most basic iteration, a chatbot can respond to questions through text, following predefined workflows. That means that there is no personalised element to the interaction, and this can leave users feeling frustrated.

Conversational AI, on the other hand, is a more advanced technology which offers a more “human-like” communication experience. This is particularly important in recruitment processes, where creating an engaging candidate experience is crucial. Conversational AI has the ability to learn and become smarter the more data it encounters. It engages omni-channel communication to reach candidates in a variety of ways, including text, messaging platforms and voice.

What are the benefits of conversational AI in talent acquisition?


As talent acquisition becomes more complex, conversational AI offers an innovative solution to meet companies' needs. 40% of companies surveyed by Aptitude Research saw value in improved efficiency. This is a top priority for hiring managers, with 62% of companies stating that filling positions quickly was their most crucial consideration.

Conversational AI can automate certain administrative tasks related to talent acquisition, leaving recruiters free to focus on strategic tasks. It can speed up the process by connecting with candidates in real-time, scheduling interviews, providing accurate information, and enabling better decision-making. The report includes a case study with McDonald's, which found that its AI-powered “ApplyThru” process reduced the time taken to hire from 10-14 days to just 1-2 days.

Candidate experience

When it comes to recruitment, speedy hiring clearly isn't the only measure of success. Companies want candidates to have a positive experience regardless of the outcome of their application, as this strengthens companies' overall brand, customer retention and business outcomes. 39% of companies surveyed felt that they had seen improvements in the candidate experience after incorporating conversational AI.

This technology provides communication in real-time at each stage of the talent acquisition process, which is a welcome change for candidates. In 2019, 26.4% of jobseekers said that not hearing back from potential employers was their most serious concern when applying for jobs online. Conversational AI can help to close up this recruitment “black hole” and keep applicants in the loop 24/7.

Quality of hire

Conversational AI also generates a wealth of data which companies can use to inform their decisions, ultimately resulting in better quality of hire. This technology has been shown to boost conversion rates, as it engages with candidates and supports them in the application process. A bigger talent pool means that companies can connect with the best candidates. Furthermore, conversational AI can reduce bias in the recruitment process, supporting businesses' diversity and inclusion efforts.

By integrating conversational AI into their hiring process, companies can boost efficiency and reduce the administrative burden on recruitment teams, all whilst improving the candidate experience and ultimately finding the highest-quality talent. This technology can even be leveraged beyond the initial recruitment stage to enhance processes throughout onboarding and beyond.

How to access AI-powered solutions with inploi

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