A Success Story Continued: A Comprehensive Look at Haven's Talent Attraction Journey with inploi

A Success Story Continued: A Comprehensive Look at Haven's Talent Attraction Journey with inploi

A Success Story Continued: A Comprehensive Look at Haven's Talent Attraction Journey with inploi



Year 2 results:

  • 20% decrease in recruitment costs whilst hitting hiring targets

  • 145% increase in completed applications

In four months, inploi generated 48,000 applications with the creation of a new careers hub for Haven's talent attraction, providing an agile replacement for their clunky candidate experience, all seamlessly integrated with their existing ATS. Following that, together we created a multi-channel digital marketing strategy to fill the top of Haven's talent funnel with better quality candidates. Finally, inploi provided a solution that allowed Haven to leverage the massive amounts of data generated during the candidate journey in order to continuously improve both the candidate experience and return on recruitment marketing spend.

Another Year of Innovation

With 2021 in the rear-view mirror, 2022 arrived with a slew of new hiring goals. Haven sought to make hiring campaigns even more  targeted for both parks and roles. They also aimed to reduce the overall cost per completed application (CPCA), and thus the cost per hire. Haven also worked alongside inploi to deliver key annual projects such as the 'Summer Jobs' campaign and Careers Hub redesign as well as ways of working on campaign budget distribution. All while aiming to meet their headcount targets for 2022.

inploi delivered outstanding results, more than doubling the number of completed applications while lowering the average CPCA by an impressive 65%. Haven's Careers Hub was instrumental in these successes — driving increased views, with completed applications increasing from 2.41% to 5.92%. Furthermore, inploi's budget management system and detailed weekly feedback enabled Haven to continuously optimise recruitment spending and reduce costs by 20% while still meeting headcount targets.

But how was this accomplished? inploi collaborated closely with the Haven team to execute highly targeted pay-for-performance recruitment marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Their Careers' Hub was updated regularly to improve efficiency and bring functionality in line with what they required. This included a revamp of their web-based careers site, which incorporated new pages and styling. Finally, continuous testing of distribution channels, placement bidding, and the target audience allowed for ongoing optimisation of delivery while balancing volume, quality, and cost to improve performance over time.

The Social Solution

The recruitment process has been transformed by social media, helping employers reach and engage new audiences. Haven employed social media recruitment to showcase their brand and culture, as well as connect with applicants on a more personal level. It allowed them to be where their target candidates are, build relationships, and engage in conversation. inploi supported different objectives at various points while consistently reducing total spending over time.

This collaboration produced impressive results. Despite spending the same amount as the previous year, inploi drove 66% more applications from Facebook ads, a significant increase. Not only that, but the cost per application was 35% lower, which meant that the Haven team were able to fill more vacancies while spending less money. And finally, due to an improved candidate journey facilitated by improved landing pages and a frictionless application process, Haven saw 58% more job views convert into completed applications.

The partnership between Haven and inploi emphasises the power of social media in recruiting as well as the importance of continuous improvement in all aspects of the hiring process. Haven achieved impressive results and connected with top candidates on a more personal level by leveraging social media activity and improving their candidate journey.

Tailored To Any Need

Customised recruitment campaigns from inploi are a valuable resource for UK employers looking to fill vacancies. inploi can help attract the right candidates for the job by tailoring campaigns to the specific needs of any employer, streamlining the recruitment process and saving time and money. Employers can access a large pool of potential candidates through inploi's multi-channel distribution approach, making it easier to find the right fit for their business. With the ongoing challenges of a highly competitive job market, inploi's platforms provide employers with a timely solution for efficiently and effectively filling any position.