Attracting Gen Z: How to Engage Digital First Candidates

Attracting Gen Z: How to Engage Digital First Candidates

Attracting Gen Z: How to Engage Digital First Candidates



The number of available job positions in the UK significantly surpasses the count of recent recruits, and the departure of skilled individuals from organisations shows no signs of abating. This shortage of skilled labour is anticipated to result in a £120 billion cost to the UK economy by 2030, according to a study by the digital marketing agency Koozai.

Companies must consider a more extensive talent pool to tackle skill shortages and fill open positions. It is in this regard that Generation Z or Gen Z (those born between 1996 and 2010) stands out as one of the most suitable target demographics.

Hiring Gen Z offers distinct advantages for recruiters in today's digitised landscape. This generation epitomises everything tech-related and brings a unique perspective to the workplace. Their innovative ideas about work and technology are likely to impact the work environment profoundly. And, given their significant numbers, Gen Z is poised to become the future workforce.

Let's examine the reason behind Gen Z's suitability as a candidate pool and explore effective strategies for their recruitment.

Why Should Gen Z be the Focus of Talent Acquisition?

Gen Z comprises 26% of the global population and is the largest age demographic worldwide. In the UK, they account for 15% of the population in 2023.

Together with millennials, Gen Z constitutes 38% of the global workforce, a figure that's expected to reach 58% by 2030, according to insights from PWC. These statistics underscore the critical importance of actively engaging and attracting Gen Z to your organisation to ensure sustainable growth.

Gen Z is characterised by their education, skills, social awareness, and strong adaptability. Raised as digital natives amidst advancing technologies, they exhibit a strong work ethic and the ability to acclimate to unfamiliar settings. These qualities render them highly suitable for internships within sectors such as hospitality and retail, where resilience and a willingness to evolve within dynamic environments are essential.

Within the UK, 94% of Generation Z actively engage with social media. Recruiting candidates from this age demographic can enable enterprises to harness their strong inclination for technology constructively. According to the last UK census in 2021, Gen Z stands out as the most ethnically diverse generation in England and Wales after Generation Alpha.

Why Recruiters Are Unable to Reach and Hire Gen Z Talent Effectively

Gen Z candidates prefer online job hunting over in-person approaches. Nearly half of them (48%) report using social media to find jobs. What prevents employers from connecting effectively with this generation of candidates is often the lack of a targeted social media recruitment plan, reliance on outdated platforms, and scattered job distribution.

Gen Z values rights and demands, with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as their core focus. Equitable treatment for all races and genders is crucial to them. A recent Monster Survey found that 83% of Gen Z candidates consider a company's commitment to diversity and inclusion when choosing an employer.

Another facet of Gen Z attributes is flexibility. More than anything else, Gen Z seeks an adaptable employer, with 58% prioritising work-life balance, 49% emphasising flexible work schedules, and 34% valuing remote work. To attract this group, businesses must highlight their commitment to flexibility from the outset.

Companies also need to elevate their candidate experience to ensure that they can convert younger candidates into successful hires. Gen Z is known for its shorter attention span and tendency to juggle multiple screens. All these facts and figures call for a calibrated hiring process that avoids negative candidate experiences associated with traditional, lengthy hiring methods.

How inploi Helps You Connect, Engage, and Onboard Gen Z Talent

inploi brings future-proof HR technology solutions for enterprises. We understand the effectiveness of Gen Z talent recruitment through multi-channel social media campaigns, impactful employer branding, and a seamless application process.

With us, you can:

  • Initiate campaigns across social media platforms such as Meta, TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram Ads, and Google for Jobs. We focus on captivating potential job seekers and transforming them into successful hires. By leveraging our technology, you can seamlessly connect and engage with the emerging workforce through these platforms and leading job search destinations.

  • Ensure a seamless application process through customisable candidate journeys and chatbot-driven application flows. Craft dynamic pathways for distinct roles and job categories, enabling candidates to navigate a user-friendly interface. This intuitive platform facilitates easy applications, especially on mobile devices, enhancing convenience and engagement with young talent.

  • Leverage ample branding opportunities to highlight your employer value proposition. This is a crucial step in appealing to Gen Z candidates who meticulously research employer brands to check if they align with their preferences and values. You can effectively convey your values to attract the incoming wave of talent.

Book a call with inploi to engage and attract the up-and-coming generation and ensure the progressive growth of your enterprise.