How inploi Helps You Put Your EVP Front and Centre to Attract Passive Talent

How inploi Helps You Put Your EVP Front and Centre to Attract Passive Talent

How inploi Helps You Put Your EVP Front and Centre to Attract Passive Talent



The current recruitment scene in the UK has recruiters grappling to secure talent in what is increasingly a candidate's market. 51.8% of UK employers have found talent acquisition more challenging than ever.

For companies, it's vital to broaden their scope towards passive candidates to maintain a competitive edge in their recruitment pursuits. These individuals aren't actively scouring the job market but could be enticed to rejoin the workforce under the right circumstances. This change in perspective necessitates a strategic approach, where robust employer brand visibility and clever recruitment marketing play pivotal roles.

According to the CIPD, a strong employer image attracts top talent and bolsters potential candidates' trust. Thus, consistently projecting a compelling and unique employer identity during every candidate interaction becomes paramount.

Your employer value proposition (EVP) is essential to recruitment branding, especially within the hospitality, leisure, and retail sectors. Candidates increasingly value aspects like flexibility and competitive remuneration. Clearly articulated EVPs serve as a magnet, aligning with candidates' expectations and drawing them in.

In this article, we will discuss how inploi aids enterprises in effectively showcasing their EVP to amplify talent attraction, particularly among passive candidates. This is achieved through tailored career pages, extensive branding avenues, and an outstanding applicant journey.

Effective EVP Presentation and Smooth Candidate Experience: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Adeptly communicating the EVP translates into enhanced talent acquisition and retention. Value propositions offer a strategic opportunity to articulate the company's core beliefs, values, and essence of its organisational culture.

Companies that curate and communicate a well-crafted EVP can resonate with candidates, forging a connection beyond job descriptions and remuneration figures. According to a study by Gartner, when an enterprise's EVPs are perceived as appealing to potential candidates, they can slash the compensation premium by 50% and extend their reach an additional 50% into the labour market. This is why an employer's brand message needs to shine and present itself best.

EVP's influence extends beyond talent attraction, shaping your brand's identity throughout the candidate's journey. Converting candidates hinges on your brand's essence. A fluid and effortless candidate journey—from brand discovery to EVP understanding, application, and onboarding—is critical to establishing brand favourability.

Candidate experience is pivotal here. A significant investment in refining the candidate experience expedites applicant progression, enhances conversion rates, and bolsters recruiter productivity.

Effectively Communicate Your EVP and Elevate Candidate Experience with inploi

inploi helps businesses adeptly highlight their EVP, increasing conversion prospects through tailored candidate experiences. Our solutions create a fluid application journey and optimise candidate engagement, streamlining and accelerating your talent recruitment efforts.

With inploi, you can:

  • Showcase your employer value with ample branding space, customisable careers pages, and applicant experiences.

  • Improve your candidate experience with a best-in-class careers hub and smooth application process that sends candidates directly to your ATS.

  • Streamline the application process with a chatbot application flow, improved accessibility, and meticulous filtering.

  • Offer a consistent candidate experience worldwide with multi-language support and tailored content and layout for each language version.

inploi's impactful EVP display and candidate experience services are evident in our collaboration with Compass Group UK&I.

Before working with us, Compass Group's recruitment platform grappled with creating a user-centric experience, and their job search function lacked intuitiveness. However, after a thorough overhaul, we rolled out a revamped career site. This led to a 33% boost in visitor-to-applicant conversion rates within the first half-year, culminating in a significant 42% overall rise. Our bespoke career hubs tailored to showcase their unique branding further boosted performance, drawing in the ideal candidates.

Ready to showcase your EVP and elevate candidate experiences with inploi's innovative solutions? Connect with us to schedule an in-depth exploration.