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Provide accessible journeys to candidates

✍️ Our Accessibility Widget ensures neurodivergent and all potential applicants, can access your opportunities, irrespective of their abilities.

Dynamic Accessibility Widget

Our widget offers real-time adaptability, allowing candidates to tailor their experience based on their specific needs.

Neurodivergent Friendly

From dyslexia-friendly reading modes to attention-guided layouts, ensure your EVP resonates with neurodivergent talent.

Seamless User Experience

Whether it's adjusting font sizes, contrast levels, or enabling voice commands, our widget ensures an engaging experience for all.

Regular Widget Updates

Powered by AccessiBe, our widget benefits from constant updates and innovations, keeping your career site at the forefront of accessibility standards.

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See how the world's fastest growing companies use inploi to power engaging candidate experiences at every stage of their candidate journey using our drag-and-drop experience automation solution, fueled by real-time candidate data.