What makes inploi different

What makes inploi different

What makes inploi different



In the rapidly evolving world of Human Capital Management (HCM) technology, the demand for innovative solutions that not only attract but also retain talent has never been higher. The way companies approach talent management has fundamentally changed as a result of macro shifts in the workforce, accelerated by the pandemic. We are seeing a need for personalised and authentic connections between employers and employees. 

In today’s tight labour market, characterised by historic levels of disengagement and a pressing need for diversity and inclusivity in recruitment processes, advanced HCM technologies play a pivotal role. Finding the right platform is essential for companies looking to navigate the complexities of attracting and retaining the right talent, especially amongst the younger generations who value engagement and meaningful interaction with potential employers. 

Creating a better future for hiring by seamlessly connecting employers with the right candidates, utilising cutting-edge solutions that prioritise inclusiveness, accessibility and technological ease of use is the reason my co-founder Alex and I started inploi. 

We believe the future of hiring is personal and we are doing this by offering a suite of services that enhance the talent attraction process and improve the candidate experience from start to finish. 

Here are 7 reasons why we are different to other platforms: 

  1. We enable companies to future-proof their talent attraction strategies with features like social media advertising, programmatic job distribution, performance tracking, and recruitment spend optimisation, all accessible through one connection.

  2. Our focus on diversity-focused job distribution aligns with modern businesses' needs to attract a broader, more inclusive talent pool. 

  3. We prioritise customer-led product development, ensuring continuous innovation to address customer needs and keeping our offerings at the forefront of the HCM technology market. 

  4. We partner with companies to address gaps in the candidate experience that Applicant Tracking Systems can’t address. Our platform uses technology-driven solutions to bridge the gap between employers and potential employees, improving recruitment process efficiency. 

  5. As an agile tech start up, we adapt to customer needs and the ever-changing dynamics of the workforce, enabling businesses to navigate modern recruitment and talent management effectively. 

  6. Our unwavering focus on the candidate experience at every touchpoint includes offering a customisable application process tailored to specific job types, brands, or geographies. This enhances the candidate journey whilst serving as a strategic tool for screening quality applicants. 

  7. We are committed to facilitating not just any match but the right match, elevating the overall quality of hires and contributing to our customers’ long-term success. 

Businesses looking to find out more about inploi or how to integrate our chatbot technology with their existing systems can email sales@inploi.com to speak to the sales team, or book a demo here.