What is candidate experience?

What is candidate experience?

What is candidate experience?



With an overwhelming 86% of recruiters describing the hiring landscape as being candidate-driven, delivering an exceptional candidate experience has evolved from a nice-to-have to a necessity. It’s the secret sauce that differentiates the good from the great in the eyes of job seekers and plays a pivotal role in not just attracting but also retaining top-tier talent. Some people believe candidate experience begins after a candidate applies, but we know it truly starts from the moment a potential candidate sees your job ad. In this article, we’ll explain what candidate experience is, its impact and why it’s causing a buzz amongst recruiters.

Understanding the Core of Candidate Experience

Put simply, candidate experience is the journey a job seeker sets on with your organisation, from initial discovery to the final decision-making stage. This journey encompasses every interaction a candidate has with your brand, be it through discovering job postings, navigating your careers page, engaging in interviews, or receiving timely communications. The perceptions potential talent forms about your company’s culture and values during this time will be shaped depending on how they feel going through your hiring process. An exceptional candidate experience has the power to supercharge your hiring team's efforts. 75% of professionals currently working in their companies were influenced to accept the job offer because of the positive candidate experience they had throughout the application process. Candidate experience can also undoubtedly impact both your employer and consumer brands. 

In the digital age, where experiences are readily shared, maintaining a positive candidate experience becomes pivotal not just for talent attraction but also for safeguarding your company’s reputation. It’s about ensuring every interaction is not just a process, but a meaningful engagement that respects the candidate’s time and aspirations, setting the stage for a lasting positive impression.

The Tangible Impact of Candidate Experience

In the sphere of high volume hiring, where the quality and engagement of each interaction are paramount, a consistently positive candidate experience can significantly elevate a company's ability to secure and nurture top-tier talent, ultimately enhancing workforce competency and operational efficacy. Research indicates that an overwhelming 83% of candidates could be deterred from a role or company they initially favoured, solely based on a negative interview experience. Conversely, a positive interaction throughout the hiring process has the power to sway 87% of candidates towards accepting a position they might have been uncertain about. This emphasises the necessity for organisations to prioritise and invest in crafting exceptional candidate journeys, and ensuring their competitive edge in attracting and retaining the finest talent in the market.

Enhancing the Candidate Experience with Personalisation and Technology

Personalisation emerges as the cornerstone of memorable and impactful interactions in candidate experience. With our best-in-class career hubs, we facilitate a journey that is as enriching as it is engaging for candidates. Our platform helps organisations to build authentic connections with the future of their workforce. For example, while working with us, Compass Group UK&I has seen a 42% increase in job view-to-application. From the nuances of job advertisements to the subtleties of email communication, our technology is tailored to resonate deeply with each individual's unique preferences. 

By implementing such personalised strategies, we not only enhance the candidate's journey but also bolster the likelihood of successful talent conversion, securing a robust and loyal talent pipeline for the future. Our approach does not merely adjust to the evolving landscape of talent acquisition; it anticipates and shapes the future, positioning our clients at the pinnacle of innovation in candidate experience.

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