Working with Nobu Hotel to transform their approach to recruitment marketing

Working with Nobu Hotel to transform their approach to recruitment marketing

Working with Nobu Hotel to transform their approach to recruitment marketing




Location: Portman Square, London

Industry: Hospitality

Challenge: Nobu were eager to reach beyond the legacy talent pools of traditional job boards and achieve greater visibility of the effectiveness of particular candidate traffic sources. In particular, Nobu needed to generate candidate interest in their recruitment day, hiring for roles across their hotel, bar, restaurant, and leisure facilities.

Solution: Nobu worked with inploi to enhance their talent attraction, increasing application numbers with enhanced data visibility and audience insights, without overhauling existing HR systems through integration with their Recruit Genie ATS.

Company Overview

Recently opened in 2020, the Nobu London Portman Square offers a tranquil escape from daily life, whisking you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into a place of pure relaxation. Located in the heart of central London's West End, it is the 13th opening from the iconic hotel brand and features 249 rooms alongside world-class dining, business, and leisure facilities.

To maintain the relentless standard of excellence, the hotel employs over 200 people across a wide range of roles including Kitchen, Food & Beverage, Health & Fitness, and Administrative staff members.

The Challenge

The impact of Brexit and then COVID-19 on the hospitality industry has been immense. Candidate pools have shrunk and the perceived precariousness of hospitality roles after successive lockdowns means that many young people, in particular, are looking to other industries for careers. Like all employers in the industry, Nobu Hotel London Portman Square faced increasing challenges to reach, engage, and convert great team members, experiencing increased costs per hire and the opportunity cost of unfilled vacancies.

Multi-channel talent attraction across a range of digital channels is an essential part of an effective, contemporary recruitment strategy. However, without the correct expertise, technology, and systems integrations in place it can be a complicated, time consuming, and inefficient operation to set up and run effectively. The lack of a comprehensive data and analytics framework makes optimisation difficult and results in limited visibility of channel success and ROI.

The Solution

Nobu Hotel integrated their existing HR system with inploi to enhance their talent attraction efforts, plugging into our distribution engine and leveraging our multi-channel marketing campaigns. Our Analytics tools augmented these efforts, providing powerful visibility of their campaign data and candidate journeys.

Diversifying Nobu Hotel's applicant audiences and streamlining their talent attraction

Nobu Hotel's number one priority was increasing the reach of vacancies to deliver more applications into the top of the funnel. However, they were concerned about the lag time and associated costs of implementing a new system within a large enterprise. Overcoming this, inploi integrated with Nobu Hotel's existing HR Systems in record time to deliver candidates seamlessly into their ATS.

In order to diversify Nobu's candidate audiences and maximise exposure for their roles, inploi distributed jobs across a wide range of digital channels including

  • Jobs on Facebook

  • Google Jobs

  • The Department for Work and Pensions and FindaJob service

  • inploi Community, newsletter, social channels

  • Our aggregator network

  • Partners and training providers

Resulting in over 26,000 clicks and 3,000 candidate applications delivered directly into Nobu's HR System over a period of 6 months.

Utilising inploi's modular feature set for specific events

Nobu London Portman Square wanted to maximise attendance for their first Recruitment Day at the hotel in Autumn 2021.To support them, inploi built a custom landing page for the event including instructions for and details of the day, an interactive map, branded image/video content, and a custom lead capture form. We then ran a phased marketing campaign across inploi paid and organic channels to capture leads through the page.

Once candidates had registered to attend, they were then added to custom nurture journeys to keep candidates engaged in the run up to the event including confirmation emails and text reminders with event details.

In a little over a week inploi delivered 225 leads and 85 completed registrations at an extremely competitive cost per lead.

Data reporting and campaign optimisation with inploi

Full visibility over campaign spend and channel performance is crucial to effectively optimise marketing campaigns, increase applications, and decrease cost per hire. Nobu Hotel leverage inploi's recruitment experience to manage various campaigns on their behalf and feed data back to them via a custom dashboard, which included

  • Funnel analysis

  • Role breakdown

  • Traffic location

  • Candidate insights

  • Careers page stats

  • Cost metrics

Not only did this provide insight in terms of job performance, but by integrating inploi's tracking pixel within their apply funnel, Nobu could calculate drop-off rates at each stage of the application process, helping to identify friction and optimise the application process, in addition to providing vital information on CPCA, CPI and CPH by channel for the recruitment team.