The Fourth Industrial Revolution - inploi White Paper

The Fourth Industrial Revolution - inploi White Paper

The Fourth Industrial Revolution - inploi White Paper



Made up of millennials and Gen Z'ers, the New Collar Workforce is the future of every organisation. They are a new generation of job seekers and, have had almost all aspects of their lives influenced by technology. How can you reach, effectively engage, and hire from this workforce? The answer is digital transformation of your recruitment and talent acquisition processes.

The pandemic forced many companies to increasingly work on digitising more of their systems and practices. In order to remain a long-term competitive player, especially in terms of candidate attraction and conversion, it's essential now more than ever to ensure your organisation is leaning in to this. This paper outlines some of the things you need to consider in order to reach, engage and recruit the future of your organisation.

This paper considers two strings of the bow that is an effective new-age recruitment marketing strategy: the medium and the message.

First, we explore the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, how it's been accelerated by Covid-19, and the role of technology and data innovation in the modern workplace. We examine the importance of tech-enabled platforms and how they've proved the efficiency of tech-integration. Recruitment marketing and recruitment processes cannot avoid this revolution. For organisations to develop a winning advantage in the competition for talent, transformation of their technology and talent attraction is essential.

We also consider just who the “New Collar Workforce” are, what they do, how they consume technology, and how technology can be used to engage them. How do millennials and Gen Z decide where to work? What attracts them? And how should organisations use this information to communicate with them?

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