Precision Hiring in Hospitality: The Benefits of Integrated HR Tech

Precision Hiring in Hospitality: The Benefits of Integrated HR Tech

Precision Hiring in Hospitality: The Benefits of Integrated HR Tech



Recruitment has evolved dramatically over the last decade. It's crucial to reconsider approaches such as excessive reliance on legacy platforms and one-size-fits-all hiring strategies to adapt to changing times. In today's competitive job market, especially in hospitality, precision is the key to success at every stage of the recruitment process, from reaching and attracting top talent to making the final hiring decisions.

Hirers across the UK face challenges in finding and retaining skilled professionals, making it imperative for hospitality businesses to adopt recruitment practices that enable intelligent spending, deliver a higher return on investment (ROI), ensure quality hiring at scale, and reduce attrition rates.

In this article, we'll explore how inploi's integrated HR technology can optimise recruitment processes, providing the precision needed to thrive in the modern hospitality workforce.

Making the Case of Precise Hiring: The Benefits Speak for Themselves

While the quest for talent remains highly competitive, there's a silver lining: a surge in interest in hospitality jobs resulted in an astounding four million applications in Q4 2022. However, this rise also means that recruiters face the daunting task of sifting through many applications per vacancy, demanding considerable time and effort to distinguish the most suitable candidates.

This is where inploi's HR technology steps in, providing a solution to maintain candidate quality and precision in talent attraction and engagement while enabling efficient hiring at scale. Here's how we can assist you:

Attracting the Most Suitable Candidates: We promote individual job openings to active job seekers using dynamic job distribution, harnessing programmatic advertising across various job boards and aggregators. This ensures your recruitment efforts are tailored to attract the most suitable candidates for each role.

Giving Visibility to Priority Roles: With a monthly hiring budget, our system automatically distributes job listings based on predefined rules and performance metrics. This approach guarantees that your priority roles receive the visibility they deserve through programmatic advertising.

Collaborating on Strategic Campaign Design: We collaborate with you to identify challenging job verticals and locations, devising automated campaigns with precise inclusion and exclusion rules. These rules are formulated based on application metrics or specific criteria outlined in job descriptions, encompassing both organic and paid applications within your Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Engaging Passive Talent Where They Are: We initiate and oversee multifaceted campaigns on platforms like Meta, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Google Ads, tailoring these campaigns for optimal engagement, converting prospective job seekers into applicants and, ultimately, hires.

For instance, our wagamama apprenticeships TikTok campaign achieved remarkable results, generating 2000 leads in just two weeks. Rather than employing a one-size-fits-all strategy and relying solely on traditional job boards, we harness the power of social media to attract, engage, and precisely target, elevating your brand's visibility and enhancing your talent pool.

Offering a Better Candidate Experience: When it comes to large-scale hiring, a significant challenge is capturing the attention of potential candidates amid the noise. With Convert, employers can significantly enhance their User Experience (UX), eliminating substantial friction and boosting applicant conversion rates. This creates a more personalised and engaging candidate experience and streamlines the hiring process, reducing candidate drop-off rates.

Even in high-volume hiring scenarios, this approach ensures a positive candidate experience. inploi enables mobile applications, an essential step, as 95% of the UK population is estimated to use smartphones by 2025.

You can enhance the candidate experience by leveraging contextual landing pages and comprehensive career hubs designed to filter and attract better-fit applicants. Customise career hubs for internal mobility through secure login authentication (e.g. company email) and tailor application flows for internal candidates, ensuring that your current team has the first look at exciting opportunities. By utilising career hubs and landing pages, you can effectively highlight your Employee Value Proposition (EVP), attracting candidates who resonate with your brand's core values.

Providing a Holistic Look at the Recruitment Funnel: Strategic data utilisation can be a powerful precision tool for hospitality enterprises. With Analyse, we help you harness data-driven insights and analytics to provide a thorough understanding of your talent acquisition process. Our platform offers a clear view of a brand's talent attraction and conversion efforts, encompassing candidate journey tracking, application flow analysis, job-level analytics, actionable insights, and consolidated data. Centralised budget management ensures control over expenditures while maintaining a reliable, unified data source throughout the candidate journey.

Secure the Future of Precise Hiring in Hospitality

inploi is leading the charge in shaping the future of hiring with an all-encompassing platform that seamlessly integrates talent acquisition, career hub services, and recruitment analytics. Our platform is the cornerstone of hiring operations for some of the most forward-thinking hospitality establishments worldwide.

We focus on pioneering innovation at the forefront of talent attraction, revolutionising how companies connect with candidates online, and streamlining the application process within their existing ATS.

Elevate your recruitment endeavours by strategically reaching talent, engaging them effectively, and making data-driven decisions. Contact us today to learn more.