Optimised High-Volume Hiring with inploi's Supplier Consolidation Solution

Optimised High-Volume Hiring with inploi's Supplier Consolidation Solution

Optimised High-Volume Hiring with inploi's Supplier Consolidation Solution



The recruitment landscape in the UK has seen tumultuous times over the last two years. As it emerges from the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the country continues to face concerning unemployment rates brought about by the 'great resignation' wave and the resulting talent shortage.

In a discouraging forecast, the British Chamber of Commerce recently reported no signs of hiring challenges abating any time soon. A staggering 83% of companies in the hospitality industry, for instance, are grappling with recruitment challenges. The retail sector, likewise, witnessed its vacancy rate surge to almost 14% in the second quarter of 2023. Against this backdrop, many enterprises find themselves contemplating large-scale hiring to bridge their talent gaps and meet workforce demands, a task that's both critical and budget-sensitive.

Embracing technology emerges as an obvious solution, given the complexity of today's recruitment landscape. The multitude of available tools, however, often leaves organisations struggling to make the right choice. Even with technological aid, conducting large-scale recruitment without streamlining internal processes can be challenging. It can lead to fragmented job distribution, disjointed campaign strategies, and ineffective applicant tracking. inploi's integrated HR technology helps enterprises transform recruitment and streamline large-scale hiring by consolidating suppliers. Let's understand how inploi's technology addresses the hurdles of sub-optimal recruitment practices, administrative burdens, applicant flow inefficiencies, and missed opportunities.

Recruitment Chaos: The Consequences of Unconsolidated Suppliers

Failure to consolidate recruitment practices and suppliers can lead to chaos, lack of clarity, and recruitment funnel leakages. This fragmentation creates multiple redundancies and inconsistencies in the recruitment efforts. Here are some of them:

Inefficient Job Distribution: When organisations rely solely on legacy recruitment practices and invest resources in ineffective channels, they limit their ability to reach potential candidates effectively. Instead, a consolidated approach that harnesses data-backed insights to expand visibility on more productive platforms can ensure improved access to top-tier talent. This integrated strategy saves valuable time and resources and enhances conversion rates through a unified channel.

Fragmented Social Media Campaigns: Running separate social media campaigns often leads to inconsistencies, missed opportunities, and a less-than-ideal experience for potential candidates. Simplify the process by directly integrating job postings and insights leaving the intricacies to specialised partners like inploi. This streamlined approach guarantees a cohesive messaging strategy and relieves your team from having to manage multiple suppliers, ultimately boosting the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Challenges in Applicant Tracking and Candidate Experience: Navigating candidate flows during large-scale recruitment can be confusing and result in gaps in your process. A unified solution provides insights into candidate drop-off points and identifies successful recruitment channels and strategies. For instance, a 2023 Cronofy survey highlighted a 49% candidate dropout rate due to prolonged interview scheduling, up from 38% in 2022. Gaining real-time candidate updates through a single, user-friendly interface keeps all tools up-to-date. This reveals gaps in the recruitment process, enhancing the candidate experience and retaining top talent. Simplified application journeys with conversational flows further boost application rates and overall recruitment success.

Save Time While Maximising Recruitment Efficiency with inploi's Best-in-Class Technology

inploi helps enterprises streamline their recruitment efforts with multi-channel talent attraction, consolidated social media campaigns, and applicant tracking, all from a unified platform. With our technology solutions, you can:

Manage multi-channel campaigns on Meta, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Google Ads. Convert passive job seekers into applicants and hires, all through a single integrated point of contact.

Tap into expert marketing campaigns, saving time with direct integrations for efficient job distribution. Partnering with inploi transfers the task burden and provides a single point of contact. That contact works as an extension of your team that is skilled at recruitment marketing and experienced in managing substantial budgets, replacing the need to juggle multiple suppliers.

Employ programmatic job ads, performance, and rule-based job distribution across platforms, all managed through a single accessible interface. Navigating large-scale hiring with multiple open roles can be daunting. With a role-level perspective on applications from all channels, rule-based sponsorship, and programmatic job distribution, you can boost only the roles that require attention and optimise your hiring efforts.

Simplify the application process with customisable candidate journeys and intuitive chatbot application flows with integrated tech. Tailor dynamic journeys for diverse roles and categories, guiding candidates seamlessly through a user-friendly interface. Track candidate progress effortlessly using innovative HR tech seamlessly integrating with your ATS or existing recruitment software.

inploi's supplier consolidation solution has proven instrumental in assisting numerous enterprises with high-volume recruitment initiatives. Our consolidated multi-channel HR tech saved Compass UK&I Group around 20 hours per week that would have otherwise been spent on tasks like troubleshooting roles, managing attraction campaigns across various channels, handling publisher relationships, consolidating performance data, and addressing team queries regarding budget allocation and job performance.

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