Multichannel Recruiting: Engaging a Diverse Audience

Multichannel Recruiting: Engaging a Diverse Audience

Multichannel Recruiting: Engaging a Diverse Audience



Companies must be proactive and creative in their recruiting efforts to succeed in today's competitive talent market. This entails utilising a variety of channels to reach the appropriate candidates at the appropriate time. Employing multiple channels to source candidates helps employers expand their reach, improve diversity, increase cost-effectiveness, promote employer branding, and enhance adaptability.

A multi-channel recruitment strategy can assist in improving employer branding. Employers can reach a larger audience by utilising various channels to promote their company culture, values, and unique selling points. According to a PWC study, the top HR challenges for employers are finding and attracting talent, improving the candidate experience, and ensuring workplace diversity and inclusivity. These obstacles are surmountable with an effective multi-channel strategy. Using multiple channels to find candidates increases the likelihood of finding the right person for the job.

Employers can reach a larger pool of candidates and increase their chances of finding the best fit by utilising multiple channels. Furthermore, a multi-channel recruitment strategy can also aid in improving the candidate experience. Using a variety of channels allows employers to provide candidates with more options for applying, communicating, and receiving feedback. Finally, sourcing candidates through multiple channels can help to ensure workplace diversity and inclusivity.

Expand Your Reach

According to studies, 79% of job seekers have used social media in their job search in the last year. Different channels can reach different audiences, which increases the likelihood of finding the right candidates. For example, job boards are effective for reaching active job seekers, while social media platforms can be useful for passive candidates. Companies must recognise that attracting talent is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach. Candidates today expect to be engaged through a variety of channels, such as social media, company career sites, employee referrals, job boards, and more.

Companies that use multiple channels to attract talent can reach a larger pool of candidates and build a more robust talent pipeline. Utilising inploi's platform gives employers access to multi-channel talent attraction. Employers can get their jobs in front of active and passive candidates with targeted campaigns that convert — unlocking new channels and reaching new audiences across social media, search engines, job boards, aggregators and more. inploi utilises Meta Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads and TikTok Ads, to ensure brands reach the right candidates at the right time.

Improve Your Diversity

Diversity is not only a moral necessity but also a good business practice. Companies with more diverse workforces outperform their competitors and have higher rates of employee engagement and retention. According to McKinsey, companies in the top 25% for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to see financial returns above their industry's national medians. Using different channels helps to increase diversity in the candidate pool.

inploi assists brands in broadening their reach and diversifying their talent pools. Their innovative technologies assist organisations in engaging everyone in society, from Generation and Millennials to the grey workforce. Additionally, specialised D&I solutions enable businesses to reach out to underrepresented and minority groups. Diversity can no longer be overlooked, especially when three out of every four job seekers say they prefer a diverse workplace.

Increase Cost-effectiveness

Using multiple channels can assist in lowering recruitment costs. Posting jobs on free job boards, capitalising on organic traffic, utilising social media, and relying on employee referrals are frequently less expensive than traditional recruitment methods. Furthermore, deploying a multichannel recruitment approach can help employers lower their recruitment costs by increasing reach, better targeting their efforts, encouraging referrals, and providing better tracking and analysis of recruitment efforts. According to Gartner, accelerating recruitment can result in a 32% reduction in hiring costs.

inploi enables brands to reduce recruitment marketing spend. Their proprietary data layer, funnel attribution, and bid performance modelling ensure that recruitment budgets are optimised for hires. Treating employers' budgets as if they were their own means getting the most out of every pound . Ultimately, combining multiple recruitment channels to reach a larger audience can lower overall costs by allowing businesses to select the most effective and efficient channels to reach their target candidates.

Promote Employer Brand

Using multiple channels can help to enhance employer branding. Through social channels, we can build brand awareness and equity, showcasing their company culture and values, attracting candidates who align with their brand. 86% of job seekers research company reviews and ratings before applying for a job, and 75% of active job seekers are more likely to apply if the employer effectively manages its employer brand.

inploi utilises expertly designed campaign assets to increase employer brand awareness. They collaborate with employers to create advertisements that raise their profile with future candidates while converting candidates of today. Employer brand is important because it is a company's reputation among current and potential employees. It is the image of a company to the outside world as a place to work. A strong employer brand can assist a business in attracting top talent, retaining current employees, and increasing employee engagement and motivation.

Enhance Adaptability

Lastly, using different channels provides recruiters with the flexibility to adapt to changes in the job market or business needs. For instance, if a company experiences sudden growth, decision-makers can quickly leverage additional channels to reach more candidates. Working with inploi gives employers a single point of human contact and a single source of unified data. This means organisations get the right candidates and HR departments get hours back in the day. With the data to show, how much budget they need to get a certain amount of applications or hires. Empowering you to unlock the budget you need to fill roles.

When businesses have multiple roles to fill it's hard to know where to focus. inploi delivers a role-level view of applications from all sources, rules-based sponsorship, and programmatic job distribution, so we can focus on the roles that need help and spend budget wisely. Organisations must be agile and adaptable in their approach to sourcing talent. Employing multiple channels for candidate sourcing and nurturing can help them better compete for top talent.

Go Multi or Go Home: The Key to Thriving in the Talent Market

In today's competitive talent market, businesses must employ a multi-channel recruitment strategy to succeed. Using a variety of channels to source candidates increases reach, diversity, and cost-effectiveness, promotes employer branding, and improves adaptability. Employers can reach a larger pool of candidates, increase their chances of finding the best fit, and provide candidates with more options for applying and communicating by utilising multiple channels.

Using various channels also ensures workplace diversity and inclusivity. Employers can broaden their reach and diversify their talent pool by partnering with a multi-channel talent attraction provider like inploi, while at the same time lowering recruitment costs and improving employer branding. To overcome the challenges of finding and attracting talent, improving the candidate experience, and ensuring workplace diversity and inclusivity, employers must be proactive and innovative in their recruitment efforts. to find out how we can help you.