Introducing the upgraded dashboard and inploi SDK

Introducing the upgraded dashboard and inploi SDK

Introducing the upgraded dashboard and inploi SDK



We're building the infrastructure to power the hiring journey from first-touch, to submitting an application. We believe that understanding the efficacy of your talent attraction strategy and candidate journey is integral to getting ahead in hiring.

That's why we're excited to introduce our new and improved Dashboard and the inploi SDK: a tool that lets you add inploi's talent attraction, candidate conversion and analytics functionality to your existing careers website in a few easy steps.

Dashboard gets an upgrade

Meet the new inploi Dashboard - your comprehensive solution to understanding and improving your hiring process, all in one easy-to-use platform.

Designed for our customers, and built with different user needs in mind, we've reimagined every aspect. The dashboard caters to specific needs: from big-picture views of your hiring funnel to detailed insights into campaign and job performance. Alongside streamlined feedback tools allowing you to manage your hiring journey, in one place.

Here's what's new:

  • Analytics: high-level views for senior hiring managers to track overall performance and measure impact, or deeper insights into campaign and job performance for detailed-orientated talent acquisition managers

  • Collaborate: centralised feedback tools let employer brand owners leave feedback, request changes and enhance their careers site

  • Secure multi-user access: add team members to your dashboard with user-level permissions to ensure your team can access the tools they need whilst keeping your data secure.

Book a callback to experience the future of streamlined hiring management with the inploi dashboard.

Introducing the inploi SDK

Already boasting a stellar careers site but want better recruitment marketing or analytics? You are not alone.

After listening to market needs, we're thrilled to announce you can now integrate inploi into your existing careers site using the inploi SDK.

Unlock the power of inploi's attraction, conversion and analytics functionality in a few easy steps, all secured through end-end encryption and GDPR compliant.

Embrace a new era of data-driven recruitment, effortlessly enhancing your careers site.

Speak to our team about the inploi SDK.

These upgrades move us closer in our mission to power hiring innovation at scale. But this is just the beginning - we're committed to working with you to refine and expand the tools for managing your hiring journey.