inploi has partnered with Tribepad to future-proof our recruitment technology offering

inploi has partnered with Tribepad to future-proof our recruitment technology offering

inploi has partnered with Tribepad to future-proof our recruitment technology offering



inploi is pleased to announce our partnership with leading talent acquisition platform Tribepad. By putting our heads together, we're hoping to leverage the power of our combined expertise to supercharge our offering and make our end-to-end talent attraction solutions more powerful than ever.

Who is Tribepad?

Tribepad was founded back in 2008 with a philosophy which is close to our own hearts: to develop recruitment solutions which put people first.

Since then, they've grown their mission to encompass 25 million users in 16 languages, with 1 in 7 UK job seekers having applied for an employment opportunity powered by Tribepad.

Tribepad believes that recruitment shouldn't be a major headache; their talent acquisition platform aims to make the whole process straightforward and user-friendly for recruiters and candidates alike.

Tribepad's products and solutions include:

  • Talent Acquisition Platform - Tribepad's platform combines powerful functionality with ease of use, so that recruiters can transform their end-to-end recruitment through a single platform.

  • Core ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) - Tribepad's core offerings aim to transform how recruiters attract, source, screen, nurture, engage and hire talent.

  • Video Interviewing - With the trend for remote interviewing picking up pace, Tribepad's video interviewing solution empowers decision-making and improves the candidate experience. It also makes things more efficient, by accelerating the process by 90%.

  • Onboarding - Tribepad understands that the recruitment journey doesn't end when the contract is signed. Tribepad's easy-to-use, highly configurable onboarding software helps new starters hit the ground running.

Meanwhile, Tribepad's comprehensive partner ecosystem aims to future-proof the recruitment process through their growing integrations library - and inploi is pleased to join them on their journey!

A shared vision

When the team at inploi got talking with the folks over at Tribepad, we realised we share a common vision for the future of talent attraction. We believe that modernising hiring infrastructure through an integrated suite of innovative products is the way to make recruitment processes fit for the modern world.

Here are some of the main ways we're on the same page:

Data takes centre stage.

The recruitment process generates huge quantities of candidate data: we believe that this is a powerful tool to enable informed decision-making over intuition and set a roadmap for ongoing optimisation.

Tribepad's data-driven ATS uses powerful reporting tools to empower recruiters to make informed decisions. They enable organisations to evaluate, interpret and react to real-time data with smarter analytics.

inploi's provides end-to-end candidate journey tracking with actionable data insights and aggregated analytics. Recruiters can get full visibility of their talent attraction efforts, return on investment, and channel success through bespoke dashboards and reports.

Candidate experience is key.

One of the most common problems in legacy recruitment processes is a broken user experience, which can result in candidates becoming disengaged, leading to high drop-off rates and low return on recruitment marketing spend.

Tribepad's relationship-led recruitment process offers a straightforward, user-friendly experience for both candidates and recruiters. Their Video Interviewing solution is also instrumental in improving the candidate experience.

At inploi, the candidate journey is at the heart of our integrated solutions. Our platform provides a best-in-class candidate experience through customisable chatbot apply flows and more.

We're excited to see where our journey with Tribepad will take us. We're confident that, by drawing on our shared knowledge, expertise, and passion for revolutionising the world of talent attraction, we'll continue to boost our offering and provide the very best in recruitment technology solutions. Watch this space!

If you're interested in learning more about how you can supercharge your talent attraction, get in touch with inploi today.