How to Make Your Hiring Journey More Inclusive and Diverse

How to Make Your Hiring Journey More Inclusive and Diverse

How to Make Your Hiring Journey More Inclusive and Diverse



In the UK, a call for inclusion and diversity resonates across sectors, beginning with inclusive hiring practices. As per LinkedIn's Future of Recruiting 2023 report, 20% of recruiters emphasise that equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) have increased prominence as top priorities in their talent acquisition strategies.

Numerous organisations have recognised the significance of an inclusive and diverse workforce - it offers a fertile ground for a rich exchange of perspectives. A profound sense of belonging emerges as various groups find representation and involvement in the workplace. This results in greater participation in company initiatives, unlocking doors to innovation and fostering a highly productive work environment. In this way, inclusive hiring reflects societal values and propels businesses toward dynamic growth.

This article will explore diversity hiring - understanding its importance and discussing the challenges. We will also uncover how inploi can help you hire a more diverse workforce.

Why Are Diversity and Inclusion Essential For Your Workforce?

Embracing diversity in the workplace isn't just about fairness - it's about mixing talents and viewpoints to spark fresh ideas and innovation. A diverse team creates a dynamic space where creativity flourishes, and endless opportunities emerge.

Inclusive hiring ensures access to a more comprehensive range of talents and viewpoints. This explains why leading enterprises like Accenture are committed to embracing diversity in their recruitment strategy.

Diversity and inclusion also play a pivotal role in boosting employee engagement and productivity. A diverse workforce cultivates an environment of inclusivity and respect - an essential foundation for encouraging active participation from all team members. When employees feel acknowledged, understood, and valued their commitment soars.

This engagement goes beyond the workplace, extending to various areas like interactions with customers. This yields a surge in positivity and output. For instance, Novartis attests to the benefits of its inclusive culture, citing amplified productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction through its diverse initiatives at NPC.

How to Foster Diversity: Overcoming Challenges, Embracing Solutions, and Promoting Inclusive Hiring

FE News reported that 41% of Gen Z expect inclusivity in recruitment practices. This places inclusive hiring at the forefront of priorities. Even though UK companies acknowledge the significance of diversity in their workforce, many still find themselves without a comprehensive hiring strategy to achieve this goal. Inclusion begins at the hiring stage and requires equipping recruitment practices with effective tools to integrate diversity.

The recruitment journey toward achieving diversity is riddled with challenges that must be thoughtfully addressed. The first hurdle lies in the limited access to a diverse talent pool. Companies that predominantly rely on established networks or referrals may inadvertently overlook diverse talent pools.

On the other hand, as neurodivergent individuals account for 15% of the UK population, it's crucial for companies to create an inclusive and user-friendly application experience that caters to visitors with disabilities and learning differences. By taking these steps, they'll guarantee that every potential candidate can access and engage with the opportunities available.

Recruitment tools and solutions that can promote inclusive hiring emerge as crucial tools to expand access to proficient individuals from various backgrounds. Crafting an accessible hiring process can establish your brand as inclusive. This approach will deeply resonate with a wider array of potential candidates, particularly among the Gen Z demographic. This generation places significant importance on cultivating a diverse workforce and often opts against engaging with companies that lack a genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion. Reaching a wider talent pool, making career hubs more accessible, and streamlining the application process is crucial to ensuring fair opportunities for all.

Enhance Diversity Hiring with inploi

inploi is a leading talent acquisition company based in the UK, dedicated to assisting organisations in achieving their recruitment objectives.

Our platform allows you to access a more extensive and diverse talent pool. Our approach extends to platforms like TikTok, allowing us to launch engaging campaigns targeting the emerging Gen Z audience. Recognising that Gen Z is projected to become one of the most ethnically diverse groups, with an estimated 40% being non-white by 2061, we use these platforms to raise awareness about job opportunities among this diverse demographic.

We prioritise accessibility by integrating accessiBe's cutting-edge AI-powered widget. Adding this widget to your career hub aligns your website with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, ensuring compliance and user-friendliness. Technical and design-related adjustments simplify navigation, text adjustments, and screen-reader optimisation for all users.

Furthermore, our conversational application flow and chatbot UI make the application process streamlined and user-friendly. With this intuitive interface, candidates can easily apply, especially from their mobile devices, providing convenience while fostering inclusion.

Incorporating these initiatives is not just about meeting compliance requirements; it's about creating an inclusive environment where every candidate can access opportunities and participate seamlessly, regardless of their abilities.

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