Hiring at Scale: Is Changing Your ATS the Answer?

Hiring at Scale: Is Changing Your ATS the Answer?

Hiring at Scale: Is Changing Your ATS the Answer?



To truly optimise the recruitment process, businesses must consider a variety of solutions that address front-end challenges such as attracting and converting top talent. When it comes to hiring at scale, it can be difficult to know where to start. In this article, we'll look at whether changing your ATS is the best solution, or if inploi's platform can help you overcome front-end challenges and maximise your hiring results without changing your tech

The Benefits of ATS

An ATS automates many parts of the recruitment process, such as resume screening and candidate communication, saving time and reducing the workload on HR staff. Providing personalised communication and timely updates to candidates throughout the recruitment process. This helps employers identify top candidates more quickly and accurately, resulting in higher-quality hires.

Finally, it can help ensure that hiring practices comply with laws and regulations related to equal employment opportunity, privacy, and data security. But while 94% of employers say their ATS has positively impacted their hiring process, these solutions still have numerous limitations. And though most individuals in the talent acquisition industry would argue that a successful company need an ATS, it often requires the support of additional technologies.

The Pitfalls of ATS

Because it can automate many administrative tasks involved in recruitment, such as resume screening and candidate communication, an ATS can be a powerful tool for managing the candidate experience. However, it is critical to understand that an ATS is primarily a solution for streamlining these tasks and does not address the primary challenges that companies face today, which are attracting and converting candidates.

Companies must first attract a pool of qualified candidates who are interested in the role in order to find the best possible candidates for an open position. An ATS system does not always provide solutions for attracting candidates or providing a positive candidate experience. This is why it's critical to pair an ATS with a talent attraction and conversion solution. According to the 'Hiring reimagined' report, 71% of candidates are thinking about dropping out of hiring processes. The main reasons are; overly long processes (39%), complicated processes (37%) and too many touch points (27%). This suggests that, while an ATS can assist in managing the candidate experience, there is still room for improvement to make sure applications are completed.

While ATS systems are designed to manage large numbers of applications, they are not always designed to ensure that a job seeker actually applies. This can lead to a disparity between the number of people who view a job posting and the number of people who apply. It is critical to integrate an ATS with a comprehensive solution to bridge this gap and increase the likelihood of a candidate applying. inploi modules are intended to supplement rather than replace an ATS. By integrating directly with an ATS, applications can be tracked and managed more efficiently, resulting in an enhanced recruitment process.

Utilising inploi's Innovative Solutions to Improve ATS

inploi's technology integrates seamlessly with any ATS. Their solutions can supplement and enhance an employer's ATS in a variety of ways, assisting in the resolution of common challenges and pitfalls. Employers can access a large pool of qualified candidates from a variety of channels, including, job boards, social media and advertising. Attraction and driving traffic is only part of the challenge, we also need to make sure visitors convert to applications. Our career hubs are built to remove the friction when candidates are applying for a role, as an example, we offer conversational apply through a Chat UI that feeds applications directly into your ATS.

inploi can enhance the candidate experience, resulting in higher application rates and more qualified candidates. This can help to fill the top of the recruitment funnel, feeding into an employer's ATS — increasing the likelihood of finding the right candidate. Furthermore, inploi's solution can assist employers in reducing recruitment costs, integrating with your ATS you get full visibility of your cost per hire and cost per application per a channel.

inploi saves employers time by posting and distributing roles directly from an ATS. This means jobs are automatically synced and candidates feed straight into the employers' ATS. Additionally, inploi's platform tracks media spend, website conversions and ATS placements. Employers can access real-time data and analytics on the recruitment process through inploi's platform, which includes the cost per hire, cost per application, and other key metrics. Employers can use this to identify areas for improvement, optimise recruitment strategies, and track return on investment more effectively.

The Right Tool to Attract, Manage, Convert and Analyse Talent

Overall, by integrating with an employer's ATS, inploi's solutions can assist in overcoming the limitations and challenges of an ATS while also providing additional benefits such as access to a larger pool of talent, improved candidate experience, with data so you can spend your budget where it counts. inploi collaborates with industry leaders and has formed partnerships with ATS systems like Cornerstone and Tribepad to ensure that its software provides all the benefits while avoiding the common pitfalls of recruitment technologies.

If you want to learn more about inploi's solution and how it can improve your existing ATS, simply click here, or get in touch with us.