Helping Haven hire thousands of team members at 39 sites nationwide

Helping Haven hire thousands of team members at 39 sites nationwide

Helping Haven hire thousands of team members at 39 sites nationwide




Locations: 39 parks in some of the UK's most beautiful coastal locations

Industry: Leisure

Company Overview

Acquired by Bourne Leisure in 2000, Haven is the UK's leading holiday operator with 39 resorts that employ over 9000 people across England, Scotland and Wales.

The Challenge:

With the holiday season approaching and the post-COVID labour crisis in full swing, Haven needed a solution to complement their recruitment, helping to reach and engage the people they needed to delight their guests with epic summer breaks. Haven were especially keen to reach new audiences and to improve their candidate experience, with a view to improving conversion rates. The team were also being held back by limited visibility of talent attraction data and needed a single source of truth for their paid recruitment marketing activity.

The Solution:

inploi built a new career’s hub for Haven’s talent attraction, delivering a fully responsive replacement to their legacy candidate experience with lightening fast job search, map views, dynamic landing pages, chat bot apply and more, all integrated seamlessly with their existing Cornerstone ATS. With Convert in place, attention turned to multi-channel digital marketing to fill the top of the talent funnel. Attract was the solution, with extensive campaigns launched across facebook, instagram, TikTok, GoogleAds, job boards, aggregators and other audiences. Up next was Analyse, necessary to capture, make sense of, and leverage the huge volumes of data being generated to optimise both the candidate experience (and make relevant product changes), and refine marketing activity. Analyse also provided data for key strategic and budget allocation decisions, informed by candidate journey and conversion modelling.

“Working with inploi has been a true partnership and pivotal in helping us deliver our 2021 recruitment strategy here at Haven.

With their support we have been able to implement some excellent candidate attraction marketing campaigns via job distribution across multiple channels. This has been underpinned by their excellent data and reporting allowing us to measure our return on investment and to make some key recruitment decisions at pace and with agility. In addition, they have supported us with some bespoke initiatives, building tailor made solutions in particular for our employee referral programme.

They are true business partners, with the ability to quickly understand our business needs, deliver well thought out attraction campaigns and provide us with “real time” data all of which have helped us deliver the talent we need for our business. They have always risen to any challenge we have set them with passion and enthusiasm and in short are a great team to partner with.”

Anne Blyth
Talent Director at Haven

Using inploi Attract to reach audiences across organic and paid search, social media, aggregator and job board campaigns

inploi’s brief was to maximise candidate delivery into the top of the funnel, whilst keeping a firm handle on cost/performance metrics. As campaigns were optimised we developed bespoke technology to track conversions deeper into Haven’s ATS in order to further hone budget allocation, with spend adjusted across channels and locations in response to business needs and cost per conversion metrics.

Leaning on inploi’s in-house design, data analytics, campaign management and marketing strategy resources, Haven transformed their approach to talent attraction in record time to reach audiences across Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Tiktok, GoogleAds and dozens of Aggregator sites, with campaigns segmented by location, role type, and experience to deliver over 48,000 applications in just 4 months.

Seamlessly integrated job feeds delivered candidates directly into Bourne’s existing back-end HR infrastructure, reducing friction and saving recruitment teams hours of administrative work.

Centralised reporting for effective campaign optimisation

With campaigns set up across dozens of digital channels, a single source of truth for data analytics is essential to prevent siloing and ensure the effective management of marketing spend. inploi set up a comprehensive reporting structure including custom dashboards and weekly channel analysis, providing all Haven recruitment teams with:

  • End-to-end candidate journey tracking

  • Candidate audience insights

  • Location and industry-level market intelligence for job ad optimisation

  • Full visibility of return on investment

inploi also developed a bespoke job referral system, allowing existing employees to help fill open roles. All of which was underpinned with a comprehensive tracking reporting, giving Haven unparalleled visibility on performance metrics.