7 benefits of a best-in-class careers hub

7 benefits of a best-in-class careers hub

7 benefits of a best-in-class careers hub



We are in a talent-led market where employers have to ensure they remain a step ahead of the curve to succeed in securing quality talent. Creating and upholding an exceptional candidate experience is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ but a necessity. A careers page upgrade can be the cornerstone of an effective talent acquisition strategy, setting the stage for a dynamic and engaging application journey. Read on to learn 10 benefits that underscore the significance of cutting edge careers hubs. 

Showcasing your Employer Brand

It goes without saying that your employer brand has a direct impact on recruitment outcomes. In fact, 75% of job seekers weigh an employer's brand before submitting an application, underscoring the pivotal role of brand visibility in capturing the interest of candidates. A best-in-class careers hub will effectively showcase your employer brand and help to attract relevant and engaged candidates by projecting your organisation's ethos, culture, and vision. The candidate experience you provide also has an impact on your consumer branding. 4 in 5 candidates believe that their experiences during an application process is directly reflective of a company’s values. Your careers hub becomes a platform where authentic stories and unique perks and values are celebrated, not only drawing in candidates, but drawing in the right fit for your organisation while leaving positive lasting impressions.

Streamlining the Application Process

A smooth, efficient application process can help employers maintain candidate interest - and a top class careers hub can help you provide one. With 49% of candidates saying that they would be more likely to apply to a job if the process was straightforward, we know that creating application journeys that are tailored to candidate’s needs can increase application completion rates. Building a careers hub that is user-friendly and easy to navigate will transform the journey for candidates. This improvement in the application process not only enhances the candidate experience but also widens the pool of potential talent, ensuring no promising candidate is lost due to unnecessary complexity. 

Showing your candidates that they matter

Personalising the candidate journey with features like mobile responsiveness, intuitive navigation and conversational AI can help make your candidates feel valued. Meanwhile, having a user experience optimised hub with accessibility widgets that help to tailor the process for neurodiverse individuals, like accessiBe, can transform a standard application process into a unique and engaging experience. Such bespoke engagement ensures that candidates feel valued from the outset, significantly enhancing their journey with your brand and helping you forge authentic connections from the get-go.

Accelerating Hiring Cycles

To stay ahead of competitors, it’s imperative that hiring teams are able to move fast. On average, recruiters spend up to 30% of their time on manual tasks like reviewing applications. By automating processes like screening and initial evaluations with the help of a cutting-edge careers hub you can reduce time-to-hire and give your HR team time back to focus on more human elements of the hiring process. This ensures the capture of relevant talent, keeping you ahead in the race for exceptional candidates.

Optimising Recruitment Spend

Investing in a top-tier careers hub can usher in significant savings over time. Centralising recruitment efforts and harnessing the power of data driven decisions, and showcasing a strong employer brand, can achieve a 50% decrease in cost per hire and help to hire employees 1-2 times faster. This optimisation not only saves hiring budget but also frees up valuable resources for investment in other critical strategic endeavours. By streamlining the recruitment spend, companies gain a competitive edge, ensuring their investment in talent acquisition delivers maximum returns with unmatched efficiency.

Offering a Single Source of Truth

Navigating through the labyrinth of recruitment data can often feel like an insurmountable challenge, yet a top-tier careers hub simplifies this complexity. By centralising all hiring information, it ensures decision-makers have unfettered access to accurate, up-to-date insights. This unified repository is pivotal for fine-tuning recruitment strategies, and helping you to achieve up to an 80% rise in recruiting efficiency. The consolidation of data eliminates the risk of discrepancies and misjudgements, laying the groundwork for informed, strategic decisions in talent acquisition. 

Future-Proofing Your Recruitment Strategy

Adapting to the dynamic landscape of recruitment requires a forward-thinking approach. A cutting-edge careers hub, designed with flexibility and scalability at its core, positions your strategy to not only meet but exceed contemporary and future talent acquisition demands. By embracing a platform that seamlessly integrates emerging technologies and adapts to shifts in candidate expectations, your organisation remains at the forefront of innovation. For example, the need for mobile-first design is rapidly growing. In 2019, 51% of applications were completed on mobile phone devices. In 2021, this number had reached 67% and by 2022, 70% of job applications were completed on mobile devices. This proactive stance ensures the longevity and relevance of your recruitment efforts, keeping you a step ahead in the ever-evolving quest for top talent.

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